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Civil War Reenactment for Anderson Kindergarteners


On April 22, 2016, kindergarteners at Anderson School experienced life as Civil War soldiers. Mrs. Corde’ Dunlap, kindergarten teacher, had prepared students for the experience. She and her husband, Kent, have participated in Civil War reenactments with the equipment and clothing. Students were divided into “Yankees” or “Rebels.” They wore the blue or grey caps and tee shirts to denote their side, with a blanket from home attached to their school backpacks. A water bottle on a rope was used as a canteen.

All classes at Anderson School cheered the students as they marched off to war. Seven stations had been set up for students to experience Civil War battlefield life. Fifth grade students helped “soldiers” rotate to design a regimental flag; visit a medical unit for wounds; play games as soldiers did at the time; write letters to each other about how they felt being on the battlefield; taste food that would have been served; visit tents of officers and soldiers to identify equipment using vocabulary words; and lastly, to practice drilling and marching.

Both “Yankees” and “Rebels” were taught yells to use on the battlefield which they demonstrated for parents and family. Each soldier got a gingerbread bread cookie to take home. The letters they wrote to each other will be delivered to the student. 


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