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Got Science?

Project AAIMS Brings STEM Activities to students


     Project AAIMS (Advancing American Indians in Medical and STEM Careers) with partners, OSU-CHS (Oklahoma State University-Center for Health Sciences), Osage Nation, and Tulsa Children's Museum bring practical science activities to member school districts. By exposing students to more hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) lessons, the goal is to make students aware of potential careers in these fields.

OSU-CHS brings rocks and minerals All the rocks and minerals shared were found in Oklahoma. Students discover the difference between rocks and minerals . They examine different kinds of rocks and minerals with magnifying glasses. Discussion follows about the age and ways that rocks are formed. Students recognize uses for today and in the past. They sort different sediment specimens (silt, sand, gravel, clay, and ash) by size.

Bones in the human body have many functions, including: support, protection, movement, mineral storage, blood cell production, and energy storage. Medical students from OSU-CHS explain and demonstrate the functions using human bones.  In the classroom, students view X-rays and MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging). They can see the differences along with medical issues shown by the images.  

Tulsa Children's Museum conducted an experiment to make "elephant toothpaste."  Physical and chemical reactions make foam with this exothermic chemical reaction. Watching the elephant toothpaste expand and foam was wow!   




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