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Special Education

Special Education Supports through OCIC

Contingent on grant funding and district agreements, OCIC's team of special education professionals (including speech pathologists, school psychometrist, and school psychologists) provide special education evaluation and intervention services to member districts. The information below is designed to support parents who already have a child receiving special education services or believe their child may need a special education evaluation.

What is Special Education?

Special Education is

The purpose

Services are provided 

13 Disabilities Categories that fall under Special Education

Laws that mandate special education services 

What is the Process for Having My Child Considered for Special Education?


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Mental Health

OCIC School Counseling Website

School counselors are certified educators who improve student success for ALL students by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program. School counselors are present at all levels, PK-12, to help schools improve student outcomes. OCIC employs three full-time school counselors to help meet the needs of our member districts. OCIC's counselors are available to advocate, collaborate, and team with your school to promote equity and access for all students. Click the picture to the right to find out more about OCIC's School Counseling programs and how they can impact your child.

Social Stigmas Surrounding Mental Health

Information regarding the stigma, prejudice and discrimintation against individuals with mental illness

Mental Health Infographic 

Provides information regarding the different mental health roles in the school setting

National Association for Mental Health

NAMI's website provides information on psychological disorders, as well as resources for diagnosed individuals and caregivers

Osage County Resource Guide

Developed by the Osage County Partnership Board, this guide provides useful information on a variety of community resources

Reading Sufficiency Act

What is the Reading Sufficiency Act?

The purpose

For the student

Each public school district 

Reading Sufficiency Act 

Information regarding the  Reading Sufficiency Act and students with disabilities

Parent Resources 

See a guide explaining 3rd grade retention,  brochures, and ELL resources

RSA Legislation  

View the Reading Sufficiency Act law and rules

Reading Sufficiency Research 

Find resources to learn about Reading Sufficiency