Meet Our Team

 Executive Director

Jacque Canady, Ed.D.


OCIC Staff

The Executive Director, Dr. Jacque Canady, leads the OCIC and is responsible for all staff and management of grant activities. A wide range of training and consulting specialists, as well as service-delivery professionals, comprise the OCIC staff (two doctoral-level, eleven masters-level, and five bachelors-level positions). Specialists include two Reading Specialists, four Speech-Language Pathologists, a School Counselor, a School Psychometrist, a Licensed Health Service Psychologist, and two Nationally Certified School Psychologists. Additional areas of staff expertise include educational leadership, school administration, library and information studies, elementary education, social studies (6-8), and instructional arts (K-12). 

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Business Manager
Admin Assistant
Director of Finance

Special Education & Mental Health

Jon Culver,

School Counselor; Treasurer

Shannon Etheredge,

Speech Language Pathologist at Bowring & Osage Hills

Dirk Schmidt,

Special Education Director

Cassie Schmidt,

Speech Language Pathologist; Reading Specialist at Wynona

Michelle Warren, Ed.D.,

Director of Mental Health Services

Kelly Bergman,
School Psychologist
Logan Schuping,
School Counselor & Prevention Coordinator
Erin Yount,
School Counselor
Michelle Miller,
School Counselor
Texana Coleman,
School Counselor

General Education

Jacqui Robb,

Lead Instructional Coach

 Reading Specialist

Mandy Lewis,

Instructional Coach

Sherrie Redding,

Instructional Coach

Professional Development Coordinator

Darlene Villalobos,

Instructional Coach 

STEAM Specialist

Mental Health Graduate Students 

OCIC's federally-funded Mental Health Service Professional Demonstration Grant (Project PREPARE) gives students in graduate school-level mental health programs the opportunity to participate in unique training experiences in our member district schools. 
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Chuck Knowlton,
OSU School Psychology
Tiffany Phillips,
OSU School Psychology
Jamie Burditt,
OSU School Psychology
Keeleigh Will,
OSU School Psychology

Strategic Partnerships

OCIC has a rich history of developing strategic partnerships at the state, regional, and local level.  From university consultants to community partners, OCIC strives to connect member districts with vital and innovative services.

Gary Duhon, Ph.D., BCBA-DOSU School Psychology Professor, University-based Supervisor, Project PREPARE Evaluator
Candace Gann, Ph.D., BCBA-DOSU Special Education Assistant Professor, BCBA Supervisor
Bea Keller-Dupree, Ph.D., LPCNSU Counseling Professor, Consultant
Sara Rich, Ph.D, NCSP, HSPOSU-CHS Clinical Assistant Professor, Project PREPARE Evaluator
Benjamin Solomon, Ph.D., NCSP, LPSUNY-Albany School Psychology Associate Professor, Project ENGAGE Evaluator
Grand Lake Mental Health, Inc.
Oklahoma State Department of Education
Osage County Community Health Association
Osage Nation Prevention Program
Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance
Ditch That Textbook