Professional Development

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Professional Development Request Forms

Submit to Anita Hudgins at

Upon further instructions you may also need the following forms:

If you have any questions please call Anita (OCIC office) at 918-885-2667 - Mon-Fri 8:00-4:00 or

Jacque Canady at 918-694-7474

OCIC Professional Development Procedures

In order to request payment of professional development workshops, please submit the following:

1) Complete a Professional Development Request Form 10 days prior to

registration deadline or workshop date.

A.) Mark the items you wish to be paid and give an estimated dollar amount.

B.) OCIC will register you unless other arrangements or direction is given.

C.) A school administrator’s signature must be on the request form before OCIC will process.

2) Attach workshop flyer/information

Upon receipt, OCIC will process the request and email you with approval or denial.

Details about travel will be mailed to you at the address provided on the form.

Travel reimbursement forms for approved travel/workshops must be completed and returned to OCIC immediately following the workshop. Itemized meal, parking and toll receipts must be signed by you and must accompany the reimbursement form. If the receipts are not itemized, reimbursement cannot be made.