Teacher Professional Development and Resources

Professional Development

OCIC Payment for Professional Development Workshops

Contingent on grant funding and district agreements, member district staff can apply for OCIC to pay for professional development opportunities expenses.

How do I request OCIC pay for my professional development opportunity?

OCIC's Virtual Professional Development Google Classroom

Member district staff have access to a comprehensive library of trainings on relevant topics, including instructional technology, mental health, school climate, and serving students with disabilities.

What trainings are available?


Google Classroom

Blended Learning Framework & Virtual Platforms

School Climate & Mental Health

At-Risk Learners

Special Education


How do I gain access to OCIC's Virtual Professional Development Google Classroom?

To access OCIC's Virtual Professional Development Google Classroom, send an email requesting to join the Virtual Professional Development Google Classroom to Anita Hudgins, OCIC Professional Development Coordinator, at ahudgins@ocic.k12.ok.us. Please mark "OCIC Virtual PD Google Classroom" in the subject line and include your name and school in the body of the email.
Once given the password, following these steps to join the google classroom:
  • Go to classroom.google.com.
  • Enter your google username and click next.
  • Enter your google password and click next.
  • If there is a Welcome message, read it, and click Accept.
  • If this is your first time in Google Classroom, click Teacher, this will allow you to create future classes for the school year.
  • Once you are logged in, go back to the top left-hand corner and click on the +, this will allow you to join a class.
  • You will type in the class code (provided by Anita Hudgins) and press join.
  • You are now in OCIC’s Google Classroom and have access to all Professional Development as it is released.

What devices are recommended for accessing OCIC's Virtual Professional Development Google Classroom?

OCIC recommends accessing Google Classroom from a computer or laptop. While you can use Google Classroom through a mobile device (i.e., iPhone, iPad, Android), you will have limited accessibility and may not be able to see all classroom items.

Should I use my school email or my personal email?

You may use your school Google Gmail account or a personal email account. Your school email account may not allow you to join the OCIC Google Classroom due to district settings. If that happens, please instead use your personal email to join.

Global Compliance Network (GCN) Tutorials

The Oklahoma State Department of Education has laid out yearly professional development requirements for K-12 staff. As a benefit to member districts, OCIC subscribes to GCN to help fulfill these requirements. Please check with your administrator for a list of which tutorials you are required to complete for the current school year. 

How do I access GCN?

External Professional Development Opportunities

Member district teachers are encouraged to explore the wide variety of professional development opportunities offered by our local, state, and regional partners.



Oklahoma Academic Standards

Contains the Oklahoma Academic Standards for all subject areas.

Oklahoma Curriculum Frameworks

Frameworks for Mathematics, ELA, Science, and Social Studies to help educators translate OAS into classroom practice.

OSTP Assessment  Resources

Provides information and resources for grades 3-8 OSTP

CCRA Assessment Resources

Provides information and resources for the 11th grade CCRA.


Online platform that takes real and new content from trusted providers and turns it into learning materials that meet most state standards.

Khan Academy

Free practice exercises, instructional videos, and personalized learning dashboard for math, science, history and more.


Free website offering resources for differentiated reading instruction, specifically comprehension.



A platform that allows students, teachers, and families to create, record and share assignments, notes, photos, etc.


A private mobile messaging platform that helps teachers, parents, students, coaches, admin, etc. communicate with everyone at once.

Class Dojo

An online behavior management system that promotes positive student behaviors. It is also a communication tool between teachers, students, and parents.

Mental Health and School Climate

OCIC School Counseling Website

School counselors are certified educators who improve student success for ALL students by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program. School counselors are present at all levels, PK-12, to help schools improve student outcomes. OCIC employs three full-time school counselors to help meet the needs of our member districts. OCIC's counselors are available to advocate, collaborate, and team with your school to promote equity and access for all students. Click the picture to the left to find out more about OCIC's School Counseling programs and how they can impact your classroom.

OSDE School Counseling

The Oklahoma State Department of Education's website filled with school counseling resources  for school counselors and teachers

OSDE Student Support

The Oklahoma State Department of Education's Student Support office houses resources on prevention, school climate, and responding to school crises


The national technical assistance center for implementing Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, including resources on bullying prevention, classroom management, and mental health supports

Missouri School-wide PBIS

Missouri's website filled with resources on classroom management, school-wide behavior supports, and resources for Tier 2 and Tier 3 behavior interventions

How Do I Support the Mental Health and Behavior of All Students?

A brief self-guided professional development for teachers on strategies for supporting students in the classroom

Books for Behavior

List of books to read to students that address social skills, mental health, and behavior

Dr. Marc Brackett on Emotional Intelligence

Youtube video in which Dr. Marc Brackett explains how to become an "emotion scientist" in order to "help us achieve our goals and improve our lives."

Behavior Intervention Resources Packet

Click to download a zip file of behavior intervention protocols and resources for students

Teacher Tech

Teacher Made

Convert lessons into digital activities delivered online.  


Digital platform that offers best-in-class calculators and digital math activities. The activity builder has many capabilities for any subject area.


Allows teachers to create "grids" to facilitate video discussions. Each grid is like a message board where teachers can pose questions and students can post video responses.

Pear Deck

A Google Slides Add-on that allows you to turn your slides into an interactive lesson.  Must be added through Google Slides.


A teaching tool used to place interactive content into pre-existing videos from a variety of sources, such as TES or YouTube, or into videos you have made.


A digital canvas to create projects that are easy to share and collaborate on.


Digital platform that allows teachers to teach, monitor, and coach in real time.  Integrates with Google.


Free graphics design platform that's great for creating lecture slides and presentations. Gives students the ability to share and collaborate on designs.


Allows teachers and students to construct their own comic strips. Free with the ability to purchase premium options.

Gamification Sites


A learning platform that uses gamification to make content immersive and engaging.


Platform that provided live games such as Trust no One, The Floor is Lava, Human vs. Zombies, etc. It also has the option to assign the content as homework that can be completed asynchronously.


A math game that has students answer math questions to complete epic quests earn in-game rewards. It provides the teacher with data to track student progress.


Makes simple learning tools, flashcards, or games that let you study anything. 


Live trivia and review games with a variety of game modes. It also provides a score report and question analysis so teachers can easily identify areas that they may need to review again.